Our friends at Magnanimous Media are hiring!

How many of you actually READ your credit card terms on the back of a statement, or online? It can be an eye opening experience. If you are truly budget minded you will take time out to do this here. I can't read what I don't HAVE... Although I *do* get a kick out of the advertising envelope I get every so often imploring me to "Chase Freedom" How ironic.. :-) You may already be familiar with Magnanimous Media from the videos that they have produced in partnership with The Undercurrent. If you or someone you know might be interested in joining their team, please pass along the following announcement:

Magnanimous Media is a fast growing professional video equipment rental house and production facility in Chicago, Illinois. We are in search of individuals with a benevolent view of business and life as a whole, as wells as knowledge of and a passion for video production. We aim to be a dynamic, state-of-the-art, value-creating business, with our foot firmly planted on the proverbial pedal, and the pedal firmly against the proverbial metal. If you have a technical understanding of film/video equipment and want to help build and create an awesome business, I would very much like to schedule an interview with you. We are looking to fill entry-level positions as well as open to management possibilities if the right person comes along. If this interests you please send me a resume and/or reel to craig@magnanimous.biz

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