English Grammar Revolution: A Documentary

Before there will be a political revolution, there must be a moral revolution. Before there will be a moral revolution, there must be serious public discussion about very abstract ideas. Before that can happen, there must be a public capable of abstract thought, but the  government schools are turning out legions of future voters who are not equipped for the task.

In their forthcoming documentary, Elizabeth and David O’Brien propose that part of the solution to the abysmal failure of the U.S. education system will be an English Grammar Revolution. As Ayn Rand put the issue, “The primary purpose of concepts and of language is to provide man with a system of cognitive classification and organization, which enables him to acquire knowledge on an unlimited scale; this means: to keep order in man’s mind and enable him to think” (The Ayn Rand Lexicon, ‘The Cognitive Role of Concepts’, http://aynrandlexicon.com/lexicon/language.html).”

So, if this issue is important to you, please consider supporting this project on Kickstarter.


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