Debate: Campaign Finance and Free Speech

Campaign Finance and Free Speech_small
Should the government be able to limit our spending?

Do corporations deserve to have a say?

Steve Simpson, Former Senior Attorney at the Institute for Justice, debates John Frendreis, Professor of Political Science at LUC, on campaign finance, free speech, and the power of money in politics.

Monday, Sept. 16
Cuneo Hall #109
Loyola University Chicago

3 thoughts on “Debate: Campaign Finance and Free Speech

  1. There is a simple solution to the problems of the corrupting influence of money in politics. Rather than try to regulate, track, minimize, maximize campaign donations, it would be much simpler to attack corruption by eliminating the root cause of the problem – politicians ability to grant special favors. I would propose an amendment to the Constitution as follows:

    “No law, executive order, tariff, duty, regulation, subsidy, grant, etc., shall be passed that does not apply equally to every citizen, corporation, union, industry, politician, government official, etc.”

    By making it impossible for politicians to grant exemptions or special privileges, there would be no need for lobbyists, special interest groups, etc. For example, if the sugar industry wants a tariff, then every industry must get the same tariff. You will find that there would be opposing forces on every issue, making it impossible to grant special privileges.

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